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Welcome to the Dante Exchange Simulation Community

Our aim is to help provide accessible exchange simulation tools to financial institutions and academic organisations.

The Dante Simulation Community are hosting exchange and orderbook simulators, with in built algorithms to simulate market making, random market activity and algorithmic trading. We use Actors to create the behaviour of the exchange simulation, including dynamically programmable actors that can create market events, trends, support and resistance levels. We also can create combinations of all  of the above.

The exchanges we are simulating are live order books.

Dante provide the level 1 and level 2 market data for you to watch and help you interact with the products on the order book.

Dante also provide you with basic order entry via this web portal, and a basic position book, showing your product and cash position.

We run specific simulations on certain products on the virtual exchanges we provide.

Stocks to play with Exchange Sim 1

ABCl – ABC Limited on Dante Exchange Simulator 1 is a basic orderbook, it allows you to interact with the exchange and has basic market maker activity. The system is multi user, so just re-define your user in the top right user field, and trade versus other users, or students in your class in a live market.

-          Learn to read market data and do basic order entry

-          See your orders appear in the level 2 market data area

-          Cross yourself, or someone else on the market and watch your PnL gain or lose versus your cash position, all with live ticks.

BSTl – BST Limited on Dante Exchange 1 is another basic orderbook, it allows all the same interaction as ABCl, but this time has Actors interacting with the book. Compete with the algorithm driven actors as the market moves about from trend to trend, jumping, rising, dropping or hitting support or resistance levels

CADP – CADP is a Petroliam stock, that has been trading statically between 10p and 20p for the last year, which has analytics available from Reuters. Example usage for this stock might be to learn the basics for pre-trade analytics (using graph overlays), then interact with the simulator based on your decisions.  Reuters  - http://in.reuters.com/finance/stocks/chart?symbol=CADP.L

XYZl – XYZ Limited – To simulate a specific scenario and we will set up a set of market conditions for XYZ and post of the forum what and when it is ready – enjoy your own trading challenge versus the Actors we have set into action.

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